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Lynn Howell is first and foremost, a follower of Jesus. She is also a mother, wife, missionary, author and speaker. She recently published her first book, set for release this summer, as an extension of her global mission work. In “Life is Hard…Or So You Think”, she shares a glimpse into some of her most challenging life experiences that vary from funny airport mishaps to tragic difficulties like losing a loved one. Lynn’s use of her personal progression of her faith journey, with practical application of scripture, resonates with her readers in everyday life circumstances. As her biggest fan, Lynn’s husband Jim shares “Lynn has the God-given ability to see the light through the darkness and can sense the Holy Spirit in every situation, regardless if it is in the sanctuary at church, beside the coffin when a loved one has been called to Heaven too early, or in the Amazon jungle telling the natives about our Lord Jesus Christ.”

It is Lynn’s prayer that as you read her work, both in print and on her blog, you would find Christ in your own life as well as more peace and joy than you have ever imagined!

Lynn loves talking about God and sharing His love with others. If you would like to have Lynn come share her story with your organization or group, click here.

Lynn does ministry work in her hometown at places such as Agora Ministries and SA Heals. She is also actively involved in Community Bible Church of San Antonio.

if you would like to donate to the ministry work Lynn does go to Commission Ministers Network website ( to make a tax deductible donation. Once on the site click on the Meet the Ministers tab to search for her, or go directly to the donate tab. Thank you sincerely for any and all donations!