Getting to know me...

Due to my home page you may be expecting all my writings to be super spiritual. Well surprise!

I am writing today about food. Yes. That is where I want to get started today. Specifically about the food I ate at a local diner in Metairie, Louisiana. Dot’s Diner. While visiting the city, this delightful place was suggested as a great place to eat a home-cooked breakfast. It truly is a hometown gem that has been in business since 1966.

Our greeter/waiter/manager, Ronnie, has been at this location since the first day it opened. The cook, Norma, almost as long.

The ambiance of a true diner combined with the local lingo of “sha’s” and “darlins” added to the pleasure of lingering over the fried eggs, bacon and coffee.


In my soon to be released book, Life is Hard…Or So You think, I speak often of lessons. Hopefully this post reminds you of the old adage not to judge a book by its cover. I am as human as you and not everything has to be uber spiritual. (where is my big smile emoji)

Hugs and love and prayers