Introducing Me!



I would tell you my name here as though I were introducing myself but if you are reading this you know it already. 😉
I am a child of the One True King!
My words to you are not new words, they are just my voice at this time
God is real and He reigns in Heaven and on earth
His Word is true and holy
There is no greater name than Jesus
There is no one before Him nor anyone else after Him
He IS the king of Kings and the Lord of Lords
He sent his only son to be a sacrifice for our sins
He sees all, knows all and yet, LOVES us ALL
His word is Truth, Light and Life - Life, that journey we are on, the one between birth and death

All these things are true, whether you believe them or not. Whether you live them or not. The truth remains the same all the time, through all the ages. His truth remains!
And like Him, His Word does not change.
Like Him, truth does not change.
Because HE is Truth!

Well, now you know what I believe…

You know my name, what I believe and what I do. What you don’t know yet is how I live these truths. It is my hope and prayer that as you come to know me through this blog, you will. It is also my hope and prayer that you will also come to know my love for all! My heart may differ from yours. My actions may differ from yours. My choices may be different from yours. But make no mistake-I AM praying for you and loving you. Not of my own strength but of His. We can only give from what we have received. And I have received more from Jesus than I understand or fathom. So I give out of that abundance.

So stayed tuned and witness the peace, joy and hope given to me. It is contagious! So be careful, you may catch it too.

Hugs and love and prayers