It is beautiful thing!

When my husband and I married a few years ago we decided to honeymoon at home. We were travelling frequently that year for many reasons and felt staying home would be more relaxing. Also, because we had just purchased a new house and moved in together on our wedding day, we wanted to enjoy our new space.

One of our outings that weekend was to purchase items we needed to decorate our backyard. While we were not looking for windchimes we stumbled upon one we could not resist. The various tones this set of chimes produced was music to our hears. We often just sit outside just to listen to them.

We comment frequently that the Holy Spirit reminds us of His presence when they sound off because we can be talking about something we need help with it, when suddenly the otherwise quiet chimes will begin singing.

As I sit here working I hear them singing their beautiful melody offering me hope and encouragement that I am not alone.

It is a beautiful thing!