Are you open?

I love to watch God work. When we are open to His ways and seek Him, he will be found. Let me give you an example.

My husband and I are busy making plans for his impending retirement. We know we want to hit the road doing mission/ministry work here in the states in conjunction with our global efforts. Part of our plan is to mostly live out of a van. What we have been uncertain of is what type of van. My husband has researched vans relentlessly. Various makes, models, engines, etc. Yet we have been unable to decide which one best suits us. Yesterday as we were headed to look at a van he found we were intently discussing pros and cons. We are trying to be very frugal but yet realistic on what would be a livable vehicle. While searching for the exact words he wanted to state his position on the subject, a Walmart semi merges on right in front of us with big bold letters fitting the entire back door that says, “ Save more. Live better”. All we could do was laugh.

God was talking to us and we were listening.

That saying let us know we were on the right track with our choices as it succinctly stated what we were thinking. We had been praying before we left seeking his consel. And there it was on a Walmart truck.

Hugs and love and prayers