Choosing a Path

I have had the most intersting week.

I have been on this quest for my path in God’s kingdom at this time in my life. I have come to believe we, my husband and I, are to travel the nation bringing light and love to random areas doing whatever is needed; handywork, cooking, cleaning, or whatever else we are capable of. We have talked about this ad nauseum for two years, but have not acted. Too many other things going on.

My husband had researched living on the road but I had not. I just listened as he would talk about all he found while searching.

All that changed in the blink of an eye last Tuesday. It changed because God gave me a burning desire in an instant. I made a small step of faith to do a little research on van living and design. That lead me rather quickly to a website of a girl living and traveling in her van for two years now. It just so happened-or not-that there was going to be a van rally the next day in a town about 75 miles away that I already had plans to be in the next day. Immediately I knew God was leading me down that path.

My husband agreed when I shared all this with him.

So off we went the next day for what turned out to be the best decision we could have made. A God desicion that propelled me into an obsession with seeking to live a van life. Boom. There it was. Our calling. Crystal clear . I have been unable to contain myself. The joy in my soul swells to overflowing.

Not necessarily at all the changes about to take place but at knowing God is directing and guiding my path and that I am listening and willing, choosing, to say yes Lord. It is a source of peace and joy!

Hugs and love and prayers

a view out of the back of a van. mmm…may be my view soon