Being a Mom

Happy Mother’s Day

Learning at 28 I was pregnant was quite the surprise. I had not ever planned to be a mom. After being diagnosed with a life threatening disease at 21, I was told being pregnant was too risky. My body would not sustain a pregnancy in part because my respiratory system was too weak.

While it was very risky and full of complications, by God’s grace I made it through and so did my baby girl. It has been an invaluable gift. My daughter is my angel. Sent from above to teach me more about myself than I could imagine. I saw who I was and who I did not want to be because of her presence in my life.

She is now a grown-up with her own life but she will never be out of mine. She means more to me than words could ever convey.

No matter how many bad choices she or I made nor how many mistakes we made, I pray she always knew she was loved and that I showed her Gods way in the end.

I grew as a person and in my relationship with Christ because I am a mother. I still learn regularly from her.

I knew there was a God at a young age when I saw the peace in my own mothers face every Sunday in church. A genuine peace that could not be faked. I knew I wanted that for my life and found it as an adult. Thank you mom and Happy Mothers Day.

Many other moms guided me to that path. One in particular, Jean Ann Paschal. What a dear sweet soul. I remember to this day, vividly as if it were today, when my friend John told me his mother wanted me to know she was praying for me. I was probably all of 20 at the time. Those words have resonated repeatedly over the years in my heart and mind bringing me strength and encouragement. Thank you for all of your prayers Mrs. Jean.

This week has been filled with sadness for several people I know and love dearly. Two people very dear to me loosing thier mothers and a new friend loosing a husband thus becoming a single mom. My heart breaks with your hearts and I am praying for you.

Holidays always bring a bag of mixed emotions and memories for many. I pray for all those without the warm fuzzies or good feelings about Mothers Day, that for today, you can find a good memory to focus on. I pray that for today you know in the depths of your being you are loved and you are not alone.

I bow my head and humbly thank God for this gift of being a mom.