Firsts and Foundations

This South Carolina lake has held many first for me. These firsts are part of what make the lake so near and dear to my heart. I first kayaked here. I wrote the first part of my book here. I ate shrimp and grits for the first time here. And now I have paddled boarded for the first time here! It was so exciting and challenging (so too were kayaking and writing for that matter).


This lake brought me a new friend with a voice sinigng music that touched my soul. Not just a song or words that moved me. I am talking a voice so gifted it reached the depths of my soul and moved me to tears.

Many firsts here. But the last of those first are coming to an end when I leave this time. This beautiful place I have considered a sanctuary of sorts is being sold. Bittersweet. And that is just how life goes. Everything is for a season.

As this season does end I see Gods poignant hand in it all. The book details are finalized. The accompanying worbook is in it’s final stages. Some new acquaintances formed here will likely end too as the chances are slim our paths will cross again.

Just like the lake held many firsts, now it will be the place that holds many last.

I am okay with that, I have been through many changing seasons of life. Through them all the first and last have grown me, taught me and most of all strengthened me. For that I will forever be grateful.

The changing seasons have also provided a new height, a new foundation on which I can stand and reflect. A foundation that provides a new view with a new horizon to cast my gaze upon. From there I shall fly to my next season of firsts and lasts.

Hugs and love and prayers