Public Speaking

The very thought of public speaking makes the majority of people shudder and run for the hills. 

Over the years I have heard of several antidotes. One of my favorites is to look around the room as though you are looking at people but look above their heads. The first time I had to speak in front of a large group I had not heard of this trick yet. The subject matter was my life and where Jesus was in it. I was completely overwhelmed when I looked up and saw all those faces looking at me. Speaking about myself was not the norm for me, especially in a crowd where all eyes would be on me. Horror set in and I barely made it through my fifteen-minute presentation. Thankfully this first opportunity to tell part of my life story was to people who loved Jesus and they displayed great mercy on me. This wonderful group of people offered me much love and encouragement so when the larger intended audience received my presentation I was able to speak with confidence. 

That was over twenty years ago and I was definitely not filled with much confidence about anything I did. I had not yet learned who Jesus said I was much less how to draw on His strength. 

Now, all these years later, speaking in public is as easy as any other routine thing I do. Not because I have gained that level of confidence in myself but because I have that much confidence in Christ. Because I believe with all my heart and soul I am who He says I am. His word says we are part of His family when we accept Christ as the risen Savior. The bible, when read in whole, tells of God’s heart for us. These truths give me all I need to look into a crowd and speak of all He has done and is doing. These truths allow me to look directly at people in the audience, not over their heads. 

What fear are you running from? What is the thing that you would do if you stood on the truth of who God says you are, not the fear holding you back?

In my book I share some of my life stories and how I came to this place of peace and trust. It is my desire to share all that I have learned with anyone who will listen. It seems to me God had me write this book as a means to opening me up to speaking more frequently and to open doors for me to speak. I was told my writing style is conversational. I laugh at this because most who know me know speaking is not an issue for me. Writing on the other hand does not come as easy, so the only way I knew to write a book was to write the way I speak. I wrote out of the confidence and trust I have in my God, not myself. In what God can do with my stories, not with confidence in my abilities.

Speaking engagements have come in places such as Rotary Club, small home groups, large church groups and business meetings. I am open to speak in whatever setting I am called to. My husband and I will soon be “doing van life” in part to facilitate my ability to be anywhere I am asked to speak. . 

I would love to share my stories with you. Contact me here on my website and let’s set something up. It is my joy to encourage others.